About Us

Since 2017 we have been engaged in Web3. Jur V1 began in 2018. Since then we have been building the non financial vertical of Web3. As a team we have seen Web3’s potential as a Secure Social Operating System.
The market until 2022 favoured mainly financial and speculative applications. We have worked through adverse market cycles and kept building and iterating without missing a single Market Report, showing continuous accountability.
We have built a diverse and globally distributed team who grew in the last years, maturing through experiences and achievements.
We successfully reached multiple milestones such as:
  • in 2019, made one of the first smart contract transactions, guaranteeing a sale of a car worth 10.000EUR, covered by an experimental dODR system.
  • ​got accelerated by MDR Lab, a top legal-tech accelerator based in London.
  • contributed to the UKJT Digital Dispute Resolution Rules, arguably the first attempt of generating Arbitration Rules which explicitly include blockchain-based forms of dispute resolution in general and arbitration in particular.
  • ​won a public tender from LawTech UK and successfully shipped a Feasibility Study regarding the the national Online Platform for Small and Medium Disputes in the UK, potentially linkable to the HMCS.
  • developed the first concepts of Web3 Lex Mercatoria, before the Network State concept was properly developed, alluding to the creation of Web3 jurisdictions.
  • supported San Marino Innovation where we helped and advised about the creation of the blockchain-related legislative framework.
  • advised the Oxford University deep Tech Dispute Resolution Lab, for the intersection of Web3 and digital dispute resolution.
  • ​involved primary Web3 figures, including Tim Draper as contributor and advisor.
  • ​created a community of 2500+ people holding the pre-constitutional NFT passport of Jur that is experimenting a more mature dynamic NFT use case that records user access, activities and recognition with minimal intervention.
Our unique story and set of achieved milestones put Jur in the ideal position for working and iterating in the Web3 Governance spectrum and the Network State vertical in particular, given a proven concrete capacity of delivery in social-related Web3 matters and a positive track-record of working relationship with among the most well known institutions worldwide.
Check on the soon to be released Jur New Website the updated team and advisor powering Jur.