Transaction Fee Distribution

The use of all the functions in the Jur runtime requires a fee in $JUR tokens; Every user, dApp, or parachain pays an associated fee in $JUR for transactions carried out on the network. Transaction fees are divided into four categories:
  • 20% Collator Fee as a payment to the collators for their work sustaining the infrastructure costs of running nodes and producing blocks.
  • 20% Burn Fee as a deflationary force. The circulating supply of $JUR decreases over time, proportional to usage, thus accruing value for $JUR token holders given the fixed total supply of $JUR.
  • 40% Society Rewards Pool to the most active communities to incentivize usage. It introduces a progressive force that shifts direct ownership of the network into the hands of the most active users. Creating agency fosters cooperation among network actors, and awards benefits for adoption of the Jur Chain. Rewards are initially accrued in a wallet; after iterations within the Jur community, criteria on how rewards will be distributed will be determined. $JUR holders who become meta-citizens through staking will vote which communities' treasuries receive the reward.
  • 20% Jur Ecosystem Pool dedicated to supporting Jur's protocol and ecosystem needs, including technical expenses, parachain bids, and growth-related initiatives.