Jur is a Layer 1 blockchain built with the Substrate framework and that will become a parachain on the Polkadot Relay Chain through Cumulus.
Jur’s runtime will offer a set of pallets that will allow the creation of censorship-resistant communities and empower them with a stack that allows them to eventually evolve in more mature forms of communities.
Communities have a plethora of needs starting from:
  • aggregating members on a purpose/cause
  • being able to maintain a commonality over time
  • adding/removing members
  • managing economic activities within the community
  • facilitate trade between community members
  • provide methods to handle disagreements
Aside from this Jur has envisioned infrastructure bits for evolving online communities into more complex forms of community: a Nation and a State. Eventually Jur’s stack supports the entire journey of a community starting just as a set of members sharing common values, transitioning into a Nation based out of a territory (that can be both digital and physical) and a State with eventually its own government and diplomatic recognition by existing States.


Here is an overview of the current architecture of the Jur Stack which includes:
Further modules are currently under consideration.