$JUR Token Model

This section provides an overview of Jur’s Token Model as a software component that enables network security and the coordination necessary to achieve our goal: an ecosystem of new social constructs, communities, and Network States.
$JUR is the Ecosystem Utility Token that powers the economy and security of the network. As a decentralized network, it’s impossible to remove the token without sacrificing essential functions.
The token model is designed to support the growth and align the interests of network participants. The token's primary purpose is to enable the coordination of actors in the distributed system by paying for transaction fees on Jur Chain. $JUR holders can also stake $JUR to generate a weJUR score. The weJUR score is calculated based on the amount and duration of $JUR token staked.
All Society tokens created on Jur (e.g. $VEGAN) will be airdropped to $JUR holders in a percentage proportional to their weJUR scores. Society Tokens to refer to the tokens generated by Societies, Network States, and anything in the between.
This document is not intended to offer legal or fiscal advice. Any description of $JUR token is not intended to propose investment; it’s intended, rather, to describe $JUR token as an essential element supporting the operation of a distributed system and the actors involved. An extended disclaimer is available at the end of this section.