Web 3 is a Secure Social Operating System

Jur is building an infrastructure with protocols, tools, and technologies that can be used jointly or independently from each other. Built on a blockchain layer the infrastructure is trustless and censorship resistant. This stack is a response to the way technology has changed the context and the relationship between the individual, society, and physical territory. This stack creates trustless logic that can be used to create and govern societies.
The stack has the following properties:
  • corruption proof: once introduced data can't be manipulated or changed illegitimately.
  • censorship resistant: access can't be denied and it is functionally not possible to reverse transactions and to blacklist addresses
  • programmable: programmable and a priori and not changeable except for pre-defined dynamics
  • auditable: everyone can directly verify the veracity of a given data;
  • trustless: absence or limited need to trust any party;
Network States and similar concepts need a practical model for implementation. But there is no need to be constrained by prior models. We can reconsider the dynamics of creation, maintenance and extinction of social relationships:
  • between citizens and the state;
  • among citizens;
  • between citizens and institutions;
  • between institutions and the state;
Every concept linked to a State can be redefined and redesigned in a Web3 key, with the use of censorship-resistant technologies.