Install Talisman Wallet

In order to use the Society dApp, you need to have a Substrate wallet installed. If you have not done that yet, you can choose it from the wallet selection after you click the Connect Your Wallet button in, which will redirect you to the installation page.

To install Talisman Wallet, when in Chrome Web Store, click Add to Chrome.

A pop-up will appear. Click Add extension to continue.

After the extension has been added, the Talisman page will open. Click New Wallet.

Choose a password and click Continue.

After you manage your Privacy Settings, your wallet will be set.

Users are advised to back up the account immediately after creation. It's highly recommended that you take this precaution before initiating any asset transfers.

To create a backup, simply click on Settings on the left and the Backup Wallet. The application will prompt you to enter your wallet's password and will display a 12-word keyphrase. Safely store this keyphrase as it holds significant importance – it allows you to import your account and assets in the event of a lost device.

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