Championing Innovation: The Jur Startup Society Founders Awards

The Jur Startup Society Founder’s Awards is a community-led initiative that provides existing online community builders, influencers, DAOs, and innovators a platform for founders to experiment with new societal models and access funds and support in their journey of building their Startup Society.

The first cohort launched in March 2023 and the team accepted 53 Startup Society proposals covering a wide variety of use cases including societies focused on providing education, affordable housing, longevity, alternative finance, and frameworks for cooperating to develop new knowledge. A committee of five Jur pioneer citizens elected by their peers ranked all 53 proposals to create a shortlist of ten for consideration by a panel of prestigious judges: Tim Draper of Draper Capital, Trent McConaghy of Ocean Protocol, and Ed Hesse of Energy Web.

The judges and the committee selected five proposals: VitaDAO, Continuum, Umma Finance, Wezesha, and Fair Squares, who each received $2,000 USD and 1,000 $JUR along with ongoing support from the Jur team.

Stay tuned for more information on the second cohort of the awards.

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