Societal Evolution

Depending on the aim of the founder, the lifecycle of a web3 community can evolves through three phases. The founder's purpose is to guide and align their community members to vote and generate consensus around the society's values. The power of ideas arises from the free choice of each individual member to join and shape a society that resonates with their personal values.
Jur remains flexible and agnostic to any vision proposed by a particular society or Network State. Jur takes no point of view no how societies should be organized, but rather will focus on building tools that allow founders to create any kind of society they want. Jur provides infrastructure, but it all starts with the founder.
Phase 1: Society
The community finds and determines its ethos, the shared values that bond members of the society together and guides their actions. Cultural elements proposed by the founder are voted on by members. The blockchain stores voting history and participation, constituting an indelible history of a new form of civilization.
Phase 2: Nation
The community develops a sense of belonging and a spirit of national consciousness. A territory is designated under a unifying symbol, a flag. Crowdfunding the purchase of land is an option, however the territory does not have to be physical; it could be a virtual territory, such as a Discord server or a Twitter profile.
Phase 3: State
The community congregates in a territory, has its own ethos with an elected form of government, and a Constitution, that the citizens agreed upon.